Who we are

Happy two-week anniversary! LOLR was launched a couple weeks ago and we’ve already had over 500 visits to our pages. That tells me we are providing news and information that is of interest to our neighbors. Thank you for visiting, and many thanks for the kind words of support.

We’ve been asked a few times about the origin of Let Our Land Rest. LOLR is not an organization or formal entity. We are a loose-knit group of Placitans who are bound by one thing: a shared love for the land, water, and air of Placitas and the native plants and wildlife that inhabit them. We hold that these elements make up a delicate web of life in our fragile high-desert environment, and that this web has been thrown out of balance by the introduction of feral horses. The blog was launched to explore and explain that view and provide informational updates related to the horse issue. Sometimes we like to have a little fun as well.

Let us know what you think of the content. All you have to do is click on the Contact Us tab and fill out the form. You can also receive updates to your email inbox whenever there is a new post. Just click on the Follow button.

New posts will be appearing regularly. LOLR contributors are working on stories about the science behind feral horse concerns, a look at some local history, and a glossary of terms – that should be fun 😉