San Felipe Pueblo proposes horse sanctuary on BLM tract

A public meeting was held at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church on August 23, at which Land Management Specialist Ricardo Ortiz of San Felipe Pueblo presented the Pueblo’s proposal for the 3142-acre BLM tract that abuts Placitas to the north, should the Pueblo acquire it from the BLM. The Pueblo’s plans include, in part, a horse sanctuary.

The meeting was sponsored by Placitas Wild, a recently-formed group that supports San Felipe Pueblo’s plan. Other organizations that have expressed interest in acquiring some or all of the BLM parcel, commonly known as the Buffalo Tract, include Santa Ana Pueblo and the San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant.

We’re grateful to our favorite local cowboy, Marty Clifton, for putting together an excellent summary of the meeting. You can read it here.

And you can read about the meeting in the September issue of the Sandoval Signpost here.