On the road. Again.

WHOA, Nellie!

Rumor has it that pro-horse folks are busily herding, transporting, and relocating dozens of feral horses around the Placitas area in a shell game designed to keep them from being legally impounded by the BLM or private landowners (the BLM issued a notice this summer that they would be impounding horses on the Placitas BLM tract). Since apparently none of these relocation activities have been reported to the NM Livestock Board, as required, the horse advocates once again show their disdain for the law.

After several months of having relatively horse-free roads and subdivisions, several readers report there are suddenly a lot of horses wandering around. Is this coincidence, or are horses gathered from the BLM tract being released into Placitas subdivisions because PAR corrals and hay are in short supply? Perhaps these are just hungry horses that can’t find enough forage in the severely overgrazed hills. This video was shot this morning on my way to work. In the few minutes I watched, this horse was almost hit by three vehicles as it looked for grass along the roadside. Until the situation is resolved, be careful on the roads—horse-vehicle collisions can be deadly for both horse and driver.