Thrashing about


A trio of Crissal Thrasher eggs. Photo courtesy of Zane Dohner

A bird-watching neighbor who regularly walks the Placitas Open Space spotted this Crissal Thrasher nest in an old Russian olive tree in the bottom of Las Huertas Canyon. He got a photo of the fuzzy hatchlings a few days later.

Thrasher 3

Two hatchlings. Photo courtesy of Zane Dohner

It’s always entertaining to watch Crissal Thrashers as they zealously dig through dirt and leaf matter to snag spiders and other insects. They may be drably colored, but they make up for it with their intense eyes and that serious beak. You can hear their beautiful song here.

Crissal thrasher. jpg

The elegant Crissal Thrasher. Photo credit: John J. Mosesso, National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)