Horses have caused more damage than drought

Horse Indian Flats“More than mining or drought… livestock grazing has caused the most devastation to the site.” That’s what Adam Lujan, a range management specialist with the BLM, was quoted as saying about the Buffalo Tract in an article in Saturday’s Santa Fe New Mexican. And by livestock, Lujan means free-roaming horses (although the  BLM has issued grazing permits for the tract, no cattle have been on the tract for some time due to the lack of forage). You can read the entire article, which focuses on BLM’s upcoming disposition of the Buffalo Tract and related horse issues, here.

The article points out that the two pueblos interested in obtaining all or a portion of the severely grass-depleted tract have very different ideas about how it should be managed. While Santa Ana Pueblo says it would let the land rest and recover so it can better support wildlife, San Felipe Pueblo says they would put more horses on the land by turning it into a horse sanctuary.